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Bellagio is a sturdy and functional deposit column. Tilting, top and rotary drum throw-in are available and allow the collection of the most voluminous types of waste. Bellagio can be supplemented with both access and fill level systems and is compatible with all common emptying systems.

Product specifications

  • Tilting compartment, top insertion and rotary drum
  • Case INOX
  • Front panel lacquered
  • RAL at choice
  • Throw-in size

Throw-in size

  • Up to 80 litres

Emptying system

  • Mushroom, 1 hook, 2 hooks, 3 hooks


  • Second enlarged throw-in
  • Access control
  • Fill-level control

Waste types

  • Residual waste, organic waste, PET, aluminium, tinplate, paper, glass

Jean-Claude Perrin

Jean-Claude Perrin

Sales Manager
French Part of Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)79 206 76 74

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