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The Lugano throw-in column stands out with its aesthetic and functional design. It is available in several sizes with top, tilt tray and rotary drum throw-in. This column enables a uniform appearance across all types of waste, even with different disposal quantities. It can also be upgraded with an access and fill-level control system. Lugano is compatible with all common emptying systems.

Product specifications

  • Case Rapido
  • Service door at the back lockable
  • Tilt drawer, access panel and boarding INOX
  • RAL at choice

Throw-in type

  • Lugano 65 / 70 / 115 / 170: tilt tray, top throw-in
  • Lugano 70 / 118 / 120: tilt tray with foot pedal, top throw-in
  • Lugano 115 T: double drum

Throw-in size

  • Lugano 65: tilt tray 80 litres
  • Lugano 70: tilt tray 80 litres
  • Lugano 115: tilt tray 110 litres
  • Lugano 120: tilt tray 110 litres
  • Lugano 120: tilt tray 160 litres

Emptying system

  • Mushroom, 1 hook, 2 hooks


  • Second enlarged throw-in for Top throw-in
  • Access control
  • Fill-level control

Waste types

  • Residual waste, organic waste, PET, PET Switzerland, aluminium, tinplate, paper, cardboard, glass, batteries, Nespresso

Personal Consultancy

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